Saturday, January 08, 2011

Nanakusagayu - Traditional Herb Porridge


On the 7th of January, you are supposed to eat some rice porridge made with 7 Japanese herbs. I always forget about it, and always wanted to try making it. Happened across said 7 herbs for sale at the supermarket the night before, so hey, why not.


Here is what they look like. If you care what they are, google will tell you.


Chop them up.


Cook in your rice cooker on the porridge setting.




It was awful. Tasted like rice with... herbs. Its supposed to be easy to digest.

Later I added carrots and some chicken bouillon cubes, then topped it with a drizzle of chili oil. And it was good.


AdelaideBen said...

Nothing wrong with improvising! Looked good (apart from last photo which apparently tasted like it looked).... no offence.

scarves said...

vegetable or medicine?
Scarves Scarves

kitchen remodeling nyc said...

I still need to wait until my dining and kitchen is done. I think I'll try this porridge for the meantime.