Tuesday, February 01, 2011

January 2011








I should get a smaller camera to carry around, as all my random photos correspond to eatingramen times.


Unknown said...

I found your blog through some random site click-throughs.

Apparently, Google realizes that I love Japan and motorcycles, and blogs, and swearing. Google is like the creepy best friend that knows too much about you.

So, I ended up here. Read 2011, loved it. Decided to catch up. Just finished 2006 and the 1-year job renewal offer post. Hoping to read the rest as time allows.

Keep it saucy.

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks! As long as I have a camera I'll never stop!

Sean said...

Just ran into this blog today... some really gorgeous photography here, as well as hilarious writing. What a combination!

I've had a love/hate relationship (mostly love) with Japan ever since my parents hosted several exchange students in the late 70s and early 80s. Since moving east of the Mississippi I don't run into Japanese people nearly as much as in the western US. Weird. Anyway, this will definitely help to fill the gap.

Thanks for sharing all this!