Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hong Kong Food: Good Expensive Food

Expensive is a relative term. For example, I paid about $30 for a 12 course meal at The Yellow Door (also forgot my camera). Not so bad coming from Tokyo. But compare it with the $2 I paid for a bowl of wonton soup, and it seems expensive. Here are some photos from places with tablecloths. Emphasis on cloth. Next post will be the cheap stuff, where the tables are covered in plasticwrap and gnawed-on animal parts. Where people wash their own dishware in tea before eating, to remove the taste of chemical disinfectant. But for now, button up that tailored shirt and enjoy some good eating.

I'm not going to write much about all the stuff I ate. I write enough about ramen, leave the other stuff to the million food bloggers out there. If you want the best list of places to check out, see the CNNGo: Best Eats article. The Word of Mouth Guide has some good suggestions as well, and the maps in the back of their guidebook are easy to understand. I marked all the spots I wanted to check out on said maps, and spent my lazy days wandering the city looking for food.

The results:

Dim sum at the big shopping mall in Kowloon Bay

Chashu at Fu Sing.

Chashu buns at Fu Sing.

Beef balls at Fu Sing.

More Fu Sing.

Obviously this place was rad.

What the hell is up with this place?

Rad ass dumplings, that's what. The place was empty, and the staff of 6 were all sitting at the next table cracking peanuts. All of them were down with the peanuts. I guess you had to be there.

Life in the rich part of town is all organic and vegan. The name of the shop is Life. Life, the general term, in the rich part of town is superficial and full of booze. But the people dress well, so that's cool.

Healthy is good.

Holy shit, I think the restaurant is behind that waterfall. I can't describe how rad Long Men Lou at the Nan Lian Gardens is.

It's all vegetarian food made by Buddhist monks who are living at the adjacent monastery.

Even the tea was rad.

Go at dinnertime.

Lunch was good, but not as good as dinnertime.

Fondue. I think the place was called Classified or something.

My host family wouldn't stop feeding me.


You thought that post was long, get ready for the next one. You might have seen me in a ramen shop, but you've never seen me in a 5 star. It's not that I'm cheap, but when I rolled into this recommended spicy crab place and found out the crabs were like $100, I'm out!


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