Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hong Kong: PSA Posters


Hong Kong is the greatest city I've ever been to. No wait, it's horrible. I mean... everything is so cheap. Or expensive. I'm so bored. Sure, let's hit up a couple more clubs. Less than $2 for a bowl of wonton soup. More that $100 for a crab. Trapped in the same crowded street in Mong Kok again. I'm the only person on the top of this mountain. These dudes won't stop trying to sell me suits. This 80 year old lady has been making and selling tofu since she was a child. All these Asians speak English. None of these white people speak Chinese.

Hong Kong is the definition of bipolar. My 5 day trip unexpectedly turned into an almost 3 week long refuge in the SAR (Special Administrative Region) of Hong Kong. From a highly organized, down-to-the-minute planned tour to a trip where I would wake up and be confronted with such pressing questions as, "I wonder where those stairs go, let's spend half the day finding out."

But before I get into all that mess, here are some rad PSA posters that I found in the subway. Most ads are either PSAs or liposuction alternatives. Enjoy.

Report corruption. Snitch on that greedy politician.

Dollars down the drain... literally.


Atom Boy states the obvious.


Thanks Bliss! My digits are saved.


AdelaideBen said...

O - I don't know... I suspect that Japan is going to be pretty bipolar coming out of this whole period. I don't think people would have really come to terms with the mental health issues yet...

Then again, I can't imagine the PSA poster for it either (do you suffer from premature tsunami release?.... I know... too early... and perhaps not normally the domain of your average PSA poseter).

Seriously however, it's good that you're in a safe place, and by comparison to a lot of people... well... I guess HK ain't that bad.

large printing said...

I don't know where you stand on this, but putting up posters like this increases awareness as they're eye-catching.

bristol printing said...

I think the people who made these posters should have thought of their message better so that the implementation and design of these would be better.