Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 2: Running Errands

Friday, June 24th.

What to do the day after having your apartment ransacked? No time for tears, it's time for errands! Remember, everything I own(ed) is gone.

Report my bankbook stolen. Luckily, I had my wallet with me at the time of the theft, but the thieves got a hold my bankbook and personal seal. The bank lady had me fill out a bunch of paperwork. There was a problem because I have moved so many times.

Today's story stays a little boring before it gets crazy.

Next stop was the free foreigner consultation at my district office. I live in Bunkyo-ku, an old and rather desirable part of town. Location in dark blue:

Nice old guy there. Probably used to questions like, 'Where can I find an English speaking hairstylist?' or 'Where can I buy maple syrup?' Instead I roll in with my story. You may have heard the rumors that Japan is a safe country. I think my case might be rare.

He figured the police will do their thing, but he checked with the district residents complaint office, and found nothing.

I'm out of this country!

Well, onto American soil at least. The American embassy was straight forward. The new passport will be here sometime soon.

An important errand came next.

Buy something to wear. Yeah, all my clothes are gone. Uniqlo 'dry' stuff is recommended for the homeless. Because it dries quickly. And I'm homeless.

Ok, so the last errand of the day is to meet the insurance investigator at the apartment. He needs to take some photos of my empty room, fill out the claim forms, and give me my 40 Gs!

I also want to get my shoes out. I will be staying at a friend's place for a couple weeks while he is out of town.

I get home and...

... the fuck?...

The lock has been changed again.

Keep in mind I live on a busy street, only 1 minute from the local police box (koban). Repeating yesterdays routine, I call my real estate agent and go to the police. Soon after, I'm back at the apartment with:
  • The same inept locksmith from the day before.
  • The local beat cop.
  • My real estate agent.
  • My friend T, who has a truck. We plan on loading my motorcycle and taking it to his shop. No, they didn't take my bike... but they got my bike keys!
  • The insurance investigator, a nice man who speaks English as well as I speak Japanese, so communication is no problem.

After a few hours of trying to get in, the insurance guy leaves.

The investigation squad shows up.

We tell the locksmith to decimate the lock.

I gave it a 50/50 that my shoes would be gone. Luck was on my side. Although the evening was long, it was mostly just waiting around for the damn locksmith.

I took my shoes and motorcycle helmet to my friend J's place, and T took the bike. Now is just a waiting game.

Or so I thought. In the next chapter, shit gets even stranger!

As for me, I'll be crashing at J's place while he is out of the country for 2 weeks. You did me a solid buddy! Money is ok, I have some savings in my account, am expecting a huge amount from my insurance settlement, when I can finally meet the claims investigator.

Stay tuned...

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illahee said...

ok, wow, that's really fucked up. i hope you get your stuff back. and find a new kick-ass apartment!

Kurt said...

This is some weird shit man .. right out of a Law and Order episode. Hope everything sorts itself out mate.

AdelaideBen said...

Man... that's some harsh shit. Scary harsh shit. Staying tuned, but hopefully things get resolved soon!

Good luck!