Thursday, July 07, 2011

Day 12: Search Warrant

Monday, July 4th.

So the cops are all set to execute the search warrant on the room next to mine. You know, the room with all of my stolen goods in it. They said they would do it at 10am. I arrive at 10am, with a rented truck, to hopefully get all the shit I own on earth back.

'We are waiting for the owner of the room to come with the key,' says the cop. What?!? The dude who possibly jacked my stuff is coming down? I don't know if that is good or bad. Anyways, he shows up 90 minutes late.

Of course, his key doesn't work.

So the cops call down a locksmith. But they also need a 3rd party witness, so we wait around for a fireman or something to show up.

It's all just more wasted time. Meanwhile the cops and owners of the room are crackin jokes like a couple of school chums, and the translator is giving me almost nothing.

Don't worry, it gets more uneventful as the day goes on.

Finally the locksmith starts drilling. I remember the other locksmith from before, dude took 2 hours. This guy took about 2 minutes. And his drill was almost silent. It just melted through the metal.

Once in, I saw all my stuff there. Relief flooded over me. There is my hard drive with 10 years of photos on it. And there are my underwears. I guess that's all I really care about. I already spent $135 for the new passport, $20 for the new bank book, and $150 for a new motorcycle key. What more do I really need?

I don't want to get started on the amount of cash I've wasted on bullshit in the past week. It's been a lot. Irrelevant.

Police dust for prints, then take mine and the owner's. By the way, he's not like the 'owner' owner, more like a manager. The room has been empty for a few months as far as I can tell.

After that, the cops let me take it away. I start ferrying it to my friend's place, which is about an hour for each load if you count loading and unloading times. So after 3 hours, it's all done.

I say goodbye, and that's it. Seriously, it was an uneventful day, aside from getting my stuff back. It seems like everything is there, though a few things got ruined because they tossed a bottle of maple syrup with a loose cap in.

I'm sure you've pieced a few things together, and realized that this was no ordinary smash-and-grab type robbery. At this time, I'm going to refrain from writing about the parties involved, or my theories, or past indicators that something like this was a possibility. There is an open investigation, and I'm going to shut up now. Sorry.

Next step? Well, my friend's place is a damn mess with all my stuff, and he comes back to Japan in a couple days. So I've got 3 different real estate connections scouring for a new place for me. I thought I'd try and just crash on people's couches for the summer, but realized that is kind of retarded and I would end up kind of being a dick to some of my closest friends.

My next post will probably be a rant about how jacked the rental system is out here, and as soon as you make terms with it, they jack you again because your skin is white. Or a rant about how old ladies watch the garbage depositories like hawks, lest you put a plastic bottle in the incorrect bin, even though it all gets incinerated anyways. Or a rant about how rad maple syrup is and that I am all out because that stuff was dumped all over my books and stereo equipment.

Here's a video of all my crap at by buddy's place. Sorry dude!

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Ryan said...

glad you got your crap back.

Kurt said...

Good to see you got your stuff back mate. Also enjoying the new collaboramen videos you're doing ..

Justin Call said...

What an ordeal man, glad you got your stuff back.

illahee said...

glad you got your stuff, but now you owe us the rest of the story. DON'T FORGET!!

megan said...

What a pain in the ass. Nice you got your things back though. :/

Melissa said...

Whew, reading this stuff made me think "this looks like plain old harassment". I have witnessed such things often enough, outside of Japan I mean, but gender related. I have been treated like nobody by enough janitors and house managers, I know joke cracking if I have any complaints, and I never complain at all, except something exploded or water is gushing out from all directions or similar.

I think it is all the "gaijin" related harassment. Probably they thought you are too dumb to ever realize your stuff is taken next door, and that you are not worth worrying or being concerned with. I mean seriously, no sane human, who has some idea about certain basic laws, would do something like that. Of course I seriously expect some guys having "special connections" and/or simply expecting that there will be no retribution at all, since you are "some random gaijin". Likely, they did such things before, and since gaijins simply disappear again, and never come back to Japan, "what could happen if we do whatever we please"?

This all makes one wish you would sue the hell out of those idiots, and additionally, not just give up on living in Japan. And who would write the ramen blog? I keep on living too, even if harassment and dumb jokes are daily routine for a girl, who is "on her own". I would understand having enough, if you would get involved in some crazy gang warfare or yakuza stuff, but this is just a bunch of cowards trying to harass you. Should be possible to handle, right :)?

blukats said...
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Mr.S. said...

Glad it worked out at least this well.

And you're right: all they do is burn it all anyway! Been having that argument with the J-wife for a year. She thinks that automatic separation of recyclables from one bin in Toronto is because we are too lazy, never mind it all gets recycled!!

NeonRaine said...

I'm glad you got your stuff back! I hope that whoever is responsible doesn't just get off with a slap on the wrist :/.

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to meet a lawyer tomorrow for a consultation.

And Melissa was almost spot on with what is going on behind the scenes here.

tecbarrera said...

Wow! What a story to tell the folks back home eh? Glad you got your stuff back. I hope those pricks that messed with you get what they deserve.