Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guy's Shooto (MMA) Semi-Final

My boy Guy had been living in Tokyo for quite some time, teaching English to children and beating the shit out of dudes in the ring. Hey, sometimes after teaching a Kindergarten class, I feel like socking the first person (adult!) that I see.

I've been going to Guy's fights, which are in the Shooto league of full contact fighting, for some years. And he's only gone up. Recently, he bloodied enough contenders to be eligible for the Pacific Rim belt.

This is the semi. This is big.


A crossover of Shooto and Shoot Boxing leagues (I don't really know what that means, wikipedia links provided) was the flavor of the day. This meant more fights, more pounding, more blood.


The event was officially called Shoot the Shooto. Check out the official coverage here if you are into this sort of thing.


Or maybe this is your sort of thing. This was the first time we had round girls.



Dude's crew was decked out East LA style. This is an actual subculture in Japan. Japanese dudes who rock lowriders and Mexican street fashion.


White dude in the back, a fighter in the European Shoot Boxing league, was very attractive, so we labeled him the ikemen.


He almost knocked the other dude out of the ring at one point. Crazy!


Here's why we came.


Guy was ranked significantly lower at #9 to Tamura at #4.



We weren't worried.


Naw, I can't lie. This was Guy's most harrowing match to date that I have seen. He dropped his guard at one point and Tamura opened his cheek.


The first round leaned towards Tamura. The 2nd Guy. The 3rd was all over the place. You're talking to the wrong guy if you want blow by blow reports.

It went to a decision.


I love this set of photos.





He moves on to the final in January. This is for a belt. Worldwide recognition. Not to make this about me, but I've been down with him for years. Which means that I get to be part of his crew. Trips to Vegas, doing coke off strippers, expense accounts. Right? Isn't that how things work?


After he destroys this dude in a few months.



Kanpai ya'll!


tudza said...

As part of the crew, do you get to do robot dances like Genki Sudo and crew?

Chris said...

Dude has
written all over him :)