Thursday, November 03, 2011

Sendai Enduro Riding Round 2

I went up north to the mountains of Sendai for some enduro motorcycle riding over the summer. It sucked. I mean, it was cool and all, but we were on the outskirts of a large typhoon, and riding up 75 degree mud mountains is tough. Also, it was my first time riding in the dirt. I felt helpless, lying in the mud after a crash, waiting for someone of ability to come help me make it another dozen meters.


You can get away with excuses once, but what about the second time? And what if the weather is pristine?


Night and day, now I just need to work on my speed. These bikes can handle anything, and I think this type of riding is 10% basic skills, 10% advanced riding skills, and 80% pure balls.



I made a short video on the second day. The battery ran out, so I didn't capture any good crashes, of which there were a few. Skip in a minute to see actual riding.

This event is put on by KTM Saitama. One of the highlights (for riders of higher skill level) is a class with Mr. Koikeda, the All-Japan Enduro champ.


This is like getting half a day with Tiger Woods... except Tiger Woods doesn't warn you that the nearest hospital is an hour away.


A lot of orange.


KTM people are very brand loyal. There are even accessories for your best friend.


Stay safe ya'll.


On a related note, can someone donate $10,000 to my paypal account so I can get a (used) KTM 990 Supermoto bike?

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