Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012

October 2012


The Garmin GPS got an updated map.  The fuck?  Somehow I made it home though this mess.

Oh, and I found out that the new bike's reserve fuel tank is good for exactly 45.8 kilometers.



Two TV appearances this month.  One was on NHK World in relation to the Ramen Ambassador project.  The other was for TBS, a regular channel in Japan.  Yeah, I eat enough ramen to be on TV for it.  I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.



The "talent" who we ate ramen with.


A lot of trips this month for work.  First time on the Hayabusa bullet train.


In Morioka, you gotta eat some wankosoba.  Pretty much an all-you-can-eat soba noodle fest served one bite at a time.


I ate 95.  Average for dudes is 50.  Win and lose at the same time!


By the way, if you choose a local train over the mega expensive bullet train, don't miss your departure time.



Next stop, Hokkaido!  Nothing like a local beer and smoked egg on the train.  Livin' life, son!


These trips are a little mottainai, though.  Mottainai is a cool Japanese word that is used universally when something doesn't live up to the potential awesomeness that it could.  A broad word in all senses, I've heard it used to describe someone murdered a few weeks after graduating from a prestigious university (what a waste, he really coulda been someone), and I've heard it used to describe a left-over grain of rice at Yoshinoya (what a waste, some old man totally slaved to get that rice to your table).

For me, these weekend work trips are a bit mottainai.  I flew into Asahikawa Saturday morning, worked for a few hours, took a train to Sapporo, and checked into the hotel.  By then it was about 9pm. The next day, Sunday, more work and a quick flight back to Tokyo.  So really only a few hour of free time in far-off Hokkaido.  Oh, and I can't really drink or party much Saturday night, because I need to be on point Sunday morning.  If you've read Japan Bash for a while, you know that I like slow-paced, explore-everywhere type of adventures.


Found this though, so I guess it isn't as mottainai as I though.


You're welcome!


I used this . . .


. . . to make this!  I am producing an English language ramen school in Osaka.  Stay tuned to Ramen Adventures for more info!  The basic plan is that you spend an intense day making everything that goes into a bowl of ramen, in an actual ramen shop.  Gonna be fresh!


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