Saturday, October 06, 2012

Wedding Winner!


Weddings in Japan.  I don't know if my friends read this site, so I won't say anything bad.  But how do you rate a wedding?  With the take-home gift bag of course!  If you are ever out in Shibuya or Roppongi and see a group of people dressed to the nines, with matching fancy shopping bags, you can go 99% that they came from a wedding.  Living in Tokyo, seeing this sight, I came to imagine that the guests get hooked up with the funnest goodie bags ever.

The first wedding I went to in this country, they gave each of their guests two teabags.  Please don't give your guests two teabags.  Yeah, I'm petty, but I think most people secretly want to get hooked up with a bunch of presents.


A and Y's wedding wins, if this was any sort of contest.  Cake, candy, snacks, a choose-your-own-adventure prize catalog, and some fancy soap.  Oh, and a new iPad.

Actually, I won a quiz contest for the iPad.  Things are looking up for this guy!

Also, is it ok if I sell an iPad that I won at a friend's wedding?  I played with it for a couple days, and realized that it doesn't enhance my life that much.  It is fun to make the shiny things move around with my fingers, but after I checked the price of one of these, I would much rather put it towards my next motorcycle.

Or are there some apps that I am missing out on?  I travel a lot for work, and don't carry a computer, so I guess I could use this to check internet stuff.  Also, as someone who works part-time in the photography world, these tablets can be useful.  But usually creative people who have an iPad seem to be just showing off when they whip it out, and I don't want to be that guy.  Conflicted.

Back to the wedding.


Wow!  Real gold foil on my savory egg custard.  Tasteless, odorless gold.

I think he is talking about Per Se in that bit.


Thanks guys!



Ted B said...

iAnythings are garbage. Sell it dude and save up for that sweet new bike! Apple is not what it used to be. If you don't like it now, good for you. You don't have iSheep blinders on. ;)

thegypsie said...

Funny that I should get to this post just as I am making my way through your archive of posts and the wedding you attended in Niigata. Nice win on that iPad, use it for your motorcycle though.

Unknown said...

Inter-cultural marriages like this will probably have lots of guests. Back home, we usually get party bus perth for the guests that needs to travel. On the bus, they get to know each other, offered a couple of drinks on the way to the reception.