Monday, January 07, 2013

December 2012


Happy holidays, even though those days are long gone by now. I spent the holidays in Japan, I won't lie, with a 10-day return-to-Warcraft free offer. About seven years ago I was severely obsessed with that video game. Over about a year I logged 66 days of playtime. That's over 1500 hours in front of my computer clicking on my night elf. Moving to Japan with a turn of the millennium laptop essentially forced me to go cold turkey. I thought I had kicked the habit, and a short return could be something casual, maybe an hour or two in my free time. But said free time was in abundance this holiday season, and soon the sun would be rising while I would be doing basically the same thing I did in my previous life.

What I'm getting at is just say no to MMORPGs kids.


Most train stations in the countryside, in places known for hot springs, will have free foot baths just outside.


As well as local confectionery. Dried persimmon stuffed with chestnut cream. Pair this with a crisp sake.


Just another day at the office!


Cheapest sushi ever was found in Hatagaya! Also, the beer was 50 yen. Also, the first drink was free. Also, chu-toro for 150 yen.


Also, not so bad!


The new job takes me far and wide on the weekends. I'm trying my best to get deep into the local food and drink scene. In Tsuruoka, up in Yamagata Prefecture, on a search for the famed hata hata fish, we found this small izakaya. The owner, seen here, was previously, until September, a professional duck and pheasant hunter. And hata hata.


The old guy sitting on the adjacent stool (nothing but counter seats during the year-end drinking season) invited me to his local whisky bar. Wild.


Santacon Tokyo 2012.


Grilled eel guts.



Kurt Mifsud Bonnici said...

What? I never knew you played WOW. Been playing six years meself on and off. Lemme know if you ever wanna meet up in game .. I play on EU servers though.

Ramen Adventures said...

I can't play anymore. It is like with crack. Some people can do just a little crack now and then, and some people can't control themselves. If I want a social life and job, I can't play Warcraft.

Next time I get a 10 day trial I'll be back on probably.

thegypsie said...

I gave up on MMORPG's with EQ; before I let WOW get it's grubby meat hooks into me.

It started to depress me to see how much time I was devoting to basically nothing... to my life wasting away. I recently tried Minecraft (more like MineCRACK) and I felt the same way. Time wasted.

Resist! And may you have a prosperous 2013 :)