Monday, February 03, 2014

January 2014



Monthly updates. Kind of like instagram but harder to follow. I should get a smart phone. Nah.



Araki went to the kinda famous robot show. I'd better follow suit.


Is it as AMAZING!!!1!! as everyone (on TV) says?


Nah, but it is bonkers and you should probably go at least once.


Seriously, it is bonkers. Apparently, they spent 10 billion yen, that's 100 large, to set this thing up. But for reals, the production is comically bad. You'll be more immersed in shiny lights at Disneyland, and spend about the same price ($50).

It is like 10 minutes from my apartment, so I'll go with you if you cover the ticket.

It is billed as the ロバートレストラン, Robot Restaurant, but the food is garbage. Eat before you come.



Sushi has been decent recently. I'll have my winter report up in a month or so.



Sweet! My back is in Ivan Ramen's new book! Nice posture, bro.


Rad ad on the trains. "In times of globalization, the world is your rival." Basically it says that if you learn English you can fuck white chicks and cockblock on white dudes.



Rehab fun! ヌルヌル!ピリピリ!


New hobby?


I found a food guidebook . . . for horse racing fans. Sure, you really shouldn't be eating at the track, but if you do, this guide has you covered. ギャンブルイーター . . . Gamble Eater. This publisher also makes other books like King of Seabura.




Anonymous said...

Waaaiiiit... did you eat some fancy food with gold flakes on it? How do the Japanese feel about eating gold?

Gold flaked food seems like a waste to me since elemental gold is basically inert in the human body. I supposed it does allow one to make a joke about pooping gold though.

Ramen Adventures said...

Gold is used as a topping on all sorts of high end dishes. It is a status thing.

thegypsie said...

Robot Restaurant looks amazingly ridiculous, good to know the food is not so great. If and when I go, I will eat before or after or both.