Monday, October 02, 2006

Club Ageha

Some good times at Ageha. We were rolling like 10 deep, thanks to Mags and her Texas connections. Suwen and Branda were there, of course. Can't have BMS without the B or the S. Luckily Eric was back in town, so I had someone to drink with before going in. And Andy and his Dublin friends stopped by as well. Throw in Steve and Yoji and Tak and a couple others and I guess we're looking at 15. Good music, some famous (I guess) DJ from Detroit throwing down the techno. The hip hop room was tight as well.

We did some wandering after. Tsukiji fish market was closed. Somehow we got in, but when we tried to leave, all the gates were locked. So our little possee of hung over club zombies hopped an 8 foot fence. Good times.

Back in Kawagoe by 10:30am, spent the day sleeping and watching movies on the computer.

1:15am and I hear a man coughing and a crying child outside my apartment... I <3 Kawagoe

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