Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Some Museums... Some Drinking

This past weekend a few of us hit up some museums, then they got a little drunk. I'm nursing some kind of head cold, so no excessive boozing for me. But for some reason I decided to stay out all night. Half the night was spent out on the street outside Gas Panic in Shibuya with silly-drunk passed out people. I remember telling myself last week, "Self, no more Sunday night all nighters. Cause then your sleep gets fucked and you end up awake at 3am Monday morning writing blogs when you should be sleeping." So anyways, here's my 3am blog. Bleh.

Edo period prints.

Eric's guest house in Japan. Feel free to show up at 3am anytime for a place to crash.

Recreation of an Edo period toilet. Yes, there was actually a hole in the ground. Yes, I almost fell in.

Print club again. "Pedikura" is the name in Japanese. I asked some of my students. One of my kids gave me a journal from Disneyland, and I've been putting my pedikura pictures in there. I swear, it's the onle "kawaii" thing I own!

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