Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kawagoe Fall Festival

Summer is festival season in Japan. Especially in a heavily populated area like that around Tokyo, you can find a huge festival every weekend within an hour of yourself. Lots of fireworks, food, and fun. But it's not summer anymore...

A few places have special festivals throughout the year. I guess Kawagoe is famous for its fall festival. The special "attraction" of this one was giant floats that are pulled through the streets.

So these floats get pulled around, and when 2 floats meet, there is a battle. I was hoping for a rap battle or some kind of fight to the death type thing. Not the case, but it was still fun. They just go crazy with the music, flutes and drums and chanting. For like 20 minutes. This is going on all over the city. It was... unusual.

One thing about festivals is the street food. A LOT to list, but heres a couple winners...

Takoyaki. Tako=octopuss, yaki=fried. Little pieces of octopuss in batter and various veggies fried up. Fucking tasty.

Waffle cakes. They put red bean in EVERYTHING sweet in japan. Its kinda a shame. Its tasty, but its in EVERYTHING! Waffle cakes are like... waffles... with stuff in them. Cream, sweet pastes, etc. Fucking tasty.

Beer. Beer is a beverage brewed from hops, yeast, and other grains. We have a local brewery in Kawagoe, Coedo brewery. Fucking tasty.

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