Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Wheels

Guess which one? Cmon, I'll give you 3 chances...

The new Ducati 1098? Sorry. Wrong. Maybe next year.

Hayabusa? I ain't no squid! I'd have to go to superbike school back home before dropping the cash on one of these.

Honda CB400 Version S? Yup, thats the one.

I headed into town and checked out the stock today. I was feeling the 400cc bikes. I miss my big heavy 1150cc Yamaha V-Star back home, but I want something good for zipping around Tokyo and the ocasional weekend getaways. This bike fits the bill. Light, nimble, stops on a dime. And fucking gorgeous.

The experience of buying the bike was a trip. I checked a lot of shops. The owner spoke very little English. More like no English. We used lots of hand gestures. On the occasion that something needed translating, he called his wife and we talked. When I told him I needed to go to the bank to get his money, he had me hop on the back of his bicycle to get there. Japanese people ride on the back luggage rack all the time... this was my first. I looked reluctant, this old dude was gonna pedal 2 up with a 6'4" 180lb gaijin? That shit was kinda scary. He saw the look of horror in my eye and said, "Japan OK." It was... interesting. I almost fell off a bunch of times. Japanese people are always riding 2 up on bicycles. The rear person is usually texting on the cell phone too. Funny shit like that is an everyday occurance to me, I barely notice it anymore. I'm rambling.

So anyways, I bought a motorcycle.

Everything was relatively easy and painless. The shop handles insurance, shaken (mandatory inspection fee), and registration. So you an go in and get it all done in one place. This was great. I have no desire to see what the DMV is like in Japan...


Greg said...

Not sure if you will get this as the post is quite old, but did you get any other insurance besides what is required? I have just bought a CB750 and got the required insurance through the shop, but I have been told there is also optional insurance that covers collision and injury and yet another insurance that is specifically for theft and roadside support. you can email me at if that is easier for you.

Ramen Adventures said...

I went with the standard, which you buy when you do the shaken (vehicle inspection).