Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hanami Time

For a couple weeks a year, the cherry blossoms... blossom. It's called hanami. Hana means nose, and mi means look at. So something about looking at noses. I think it's always hanami on the train I ride, cause me and my big honker be gettin some crazy stares sometimes. Anyways, here's some hanami pictures to ...mi.

A few of us ate at the famous Hawaiian sumo wrestler Koshiniki's restaraunt. The Koshiniki burger is... big.

Hooray for health food!

I got a total of about 8 hours of sleep the whole weekend. It was whack. Spent Saturday at a sayonara party for a friend. We were at some little club in Shibuya, but then people wanted to move... to Roppongi. So I broke my boycott on Roppongi. Fuck! As always, it was dirty, the music was lame, and the drinks were watered down. But it was with some friends so it's ok. The next day I was up early to check out some art at the new National Art Center of Tokyo. The place has a great facade.

I never drink caffine after 2pm, cause it affects my sleep. But I figured it wouldn't matter since I only got 3 hours of sleep the night before. I went to this little random cafe in Meguro and got some special house latte. It was almost black. I don't know what the hell it was, but it was crazy good. Really thick, and there was this layer of grit at the bottom. When I ordered it, the counter girl spouted some long japanese line that ended with daijobu. Daijobu means ok, so I just did the easy thing and repeated, daijobu... ok. The point of my long coffee description is that this thing fucked me up. Later that night at like 2am I had been lying awake for hours trying to sleep. I woke up and rearranged my bedroom and took a bubble bath. Then I watched a movie and finished reading Haunted. I blame this on the coffee.

What a great weekend, despite the lack of sleep. I added a few restaraunts to my list of funky back alley places to go. Hippy thai curry place, Singapore spot, evil coffee dive, massive sumo burger joint, famous takoyaki stand.

In a few weeks I'll know my immediate future's fate. Interview coming up for the emergency teacher position.


tecbarrera said...

Where is this Koshiniki restaurant? Gotta go see that burger for real!

Ramen Adventures said...

Tokyo Dome City, near... Tokyo Dome.

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

GORGEOUS Hanami pics!!!! I'm learning about Hanami for the first time and am hoping to plan a little viewing with our homeschool group. Your images are a delight!!!!