Sunday, November 18, 2007

3 Weeks Left

This is what we do for 50 minutes in his class.

This is what we do for 50 minutes in their class.

This is what we do for 40 minutes in her class.

"Yeah, I get to live in a Buddhist temple... so what? Oh... you're jealous? Well neener neener neener."

The countdown with the current English language school is very tangible now. Weeks are totally the new months. It's time to pack again. Fitting my average-for-a-guy size wardrobe into boxes once again proves a task. Space is a valuable asset. The new $15 coffee maker may not make the trip. It's recommended in our orientation guide that we leave something personal for the apartments when we leave. Sterile white walls and a coffee maker will be my legacy.

And certainly my neighbor will be happy. Although she hasn't said anything, it's 11 at night and Trent Reznor is screaming Starfucker at an unreasonable volume level.

It helps get the chores done.

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dan said...

Glad I was there to enjoy Hiroshima just a bit while you were still there.