Thursday, November 15, 2007


A 3 year old student of mine, squinting at her hair in front of he eyes, exclaims in awe, "I can see rainbows in my hair!"

An older student asks about nuclear physics. I spend an hour on the internet at work researching nuclear science, so that I can not only easily answer what the difference between fission and fusion is, but be ready for any more complex related questions about the weight of molecules and how it related to Einstein's theory of relativity that might come up. His response when I tell him, "Oh. Thank you."

When I force my younger students to do the tree form yoga pose, the crazy one starts chanting "Namyo Horen Gekyo." The same thing I was chanting during my unusual prayer session in a random building in Kochi last weekend. Questions posed to said youngster are met with farting noises.

Seeing eyes light up when I demonstrate how to do the hand motions of The Itsy Bitsy Spider song.

Good things.

I need to ground myself in the good things at my school. Because the bad things are so strong. I was always surprised when people complained about their work environment at different schools in my company. But now I'm living in their shoes. I empathize with the girl I replaced, the girl who quit after 6 months. I question how she lasted that long. I countdown the days left on a crumpled piece of origami paper in my pocket.

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