Thursday, June 26, 2008

Really? Are You Really Sniffing My Ass?

My collection of Hello Kitty cell phone straps.

私の キーチーちゃんの 携帯電話の ストラプ です。

Aren't they cute?

Oh, the title about smelling my ass? So today I was trying to get some "cool" points with the popular crowd of 3rd graders. At lunch time I pulled out my ipod and started showing off my photos. I showed off motorcycle pictures, pictures of girls I've dated, me dressed up like Batman, all in the hopes of getting them interested in me. By transitive properties of coolness dissipation, if they think I am cool, they will think English is cool. Good logic, right?

Settle down, I'm getting to the ass smelling part.

Out of about 12 boys, they would take turns having 1 or 2 go behind me and smell me. It was just some harmless sniffs near my armpits while the rest of them looked at my ipod. Some of them were getting all up in my pits. I don't sweat much, ever, so maybe it just smelled like my deodorant. I let them have their fun. It's American deodorant, maybe it has a unique smell.

I'm pretty much ignoring this smelling game, but then my kancho sense started tingling. Something was getting near my butt. But this time it wasn't 5 year old fingers, it was a 14 year old nose. Homeboy was trying to sniff my pooper.

I have writer's block now. I think you get the point though. This is what I do for a living.

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thegypsie said...

Oh my god! I am busting up laughing over here! Nice charms by the way. The first time I learned about kancho was from the anime Naruto. Butt sniffing though??? Why?! I don't understand, so confused.