Monday, June 02, 2008

Working in Tokyo: Part 2 of ???

The 6 month anniversary of living Tokyo is a couple days away. 6 months of job searching, interviews, trainings, and work. How did it all turn out.

Here's what I want to write...

The school year in Japan starts on April 1st. So on that day, I set out early in the morning to meet my new colleagues and students. I teach 3 or 4 days a week at the Junior High School. The money is enough to make ends meet, but for a little extra spending money I work a couple evenings a week at a large English language conversation school. I attended a special training seminar, and am expecting a raise here soon. It's the perfect schedule. I spend my free days relaxing in the park, studying Japanese, and enjoying life. I can afford expensive micro brew beer and delicious Japanese foods, and indulge in them often. My new hobby of photography with an SLR isn't burning my bank account, just my blank CDs. Life is good.

The reality is a little different...

For some reason the schools wanted to wait until after midterms or something to start me working. I was told April 17th would be my first day. Then told "sometime in May". When "sometime in May" rolled around, I taught 1 or 2 days a week. I get paid on a part time basis, so 1 or 2 days is much less than 3 or 4 days. I work 3 nights a week at the English conversation school. This now my primary source of income. So far I have spent a total of 5 days at unpaid training. I learned the proper usage of present perfect verb tense, so I guess it's worth it. At least I get a raise. What's that? It doesn't take effect for another 3 months? Oh... and I might have to wait longer because I got a negative review from a student? Because I yawned in his lesson? Oh... I... see. I spend my free days relaxing in the park (in the rain), studying Japanese, and enjoying life. I can't afford expensive micro brewed beer or delicious Japanese cuisine, but I still indulge in them often. Photography is a much more expensive hobby than say... online video games. But going outside might be more healthy. Cause the air in Tokyo is tops.

But now that it's June, I am scheduled to work 4 or 5 days a week at the Junior High Schools. As for actual teaching, it's great. The 1st graders are a genki ball of energy. I stick my head in the class and they lose it. The 3rd graders are curious about everything. They've finished being lower class and are now starting to do their hair like hosts. The 2nd graders... well they are a challenge. Out of about 4 classes, I only managed to win over 1. They found out I had been to a maid cafe and suddenly I was either the オタク or the ちかん. Neither are too good on paper, but at least they are awake. I'll write more when I've actually taught each class more than once. Twice would be a good starting point.

No more ranting for now. Until my next post entitled, "Akihabara sucks balls now... don't go". Seriously, that place sucks. Balls.

In other thoughts, I want to live in a world where this is acceptable, nay preferred teacher hair style.

The fro-hawk was rocked for the time it took to take a couple photos. Then promptly bald-ified. That's about 7 months of growth there. Hot!

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