Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Motorcycle Toy Run



The next day was all about giving. Charity motorcycle toy runs are common the world over, but never in Japan. My riding group, Gaijin Riders, planned to change that. We spent months gathering toys and donations, then rode 80 deep down to an orphanage in Odawara. Most of us put Santa outfits on top of our riding gear, and taped Santa hats to our helmets. Here's some photos. Unfortunately, I can't post the pictures of the kids, as Japan is crazy strict about privacy. Like for some reason you, the psycho pedo dude reading my blog, is gonna track down some kid from a picture I put up. Anyways...











Thanks for the people who donated, you brought some happiness to a lot of kids who were dealt some shitty cards.

Seriously though, the kids were hella cute, even the 10 year old boy who punched me in the nuts... twice.

And here's an article from the Japan Times about the event.


Unknown said...

You guys did awesome! Nice Giants plushie too. It feel so much better to give especially to those who are less fortunate than to receive. Toys for Tots and Salvation Army are two I gift to on the regular.

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