Sunday, December 27, 2009

Booze and Battles

= Booze


, 忘年会, literally means "forget the year party". Yeah, it's another excuse to drink in this great country. I don't mean have a drink, I mean drink drink.


Your best option is one of the cheap izakayas. At the 270 yen place, we could secure an all-you-can-drink plus hella food plan for about $20 a person. Kinnokura is all over the place, and that's a good thing. If you're going for fine dining... well actually this is some decent shit. I've had some downright nasty izakaya food, and usually the more you pay the better it is, but we got away with a decent meal. By the way, when you get a set course, it's almost always fried chicken, fried fish, and some other fried stuff. And usually a salad.




Yes, I'm drinking out of an ashtray. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Shuddupayou!



Once again, my buddy Guy had an MMA match. This was some sort of amateur championship night, so there was a lot on the line. His opponent was some Brazilian dude. So for 3 hours people are screaming in Japanese, (Nagare!), then suddenly it changes to English (Fuck im up!) and Portuguese (El puncho... I don't know). By the way, Portuguese sounds rad when screamed (scrum?) by women at a fight. Just sayin.


And.... begin!


Don't try any of that fancy high kicking unless you want this to happen:


"This" being a beat down of epic proportions.


A rare moment when pain wasn't being dished out aplenty.


Pretty one sided, with most of the action being Guy punching the dude's face while he was pinned.


Or standing.


Guy won.


Then we went and drank at the 100 yen for a beer or highball place nearby. Quote of the night from my friend K, it was her first time seeing a fight.

"Does getting punched in the leg bruise their thigh? Cause I like wearing skirts and don't want bruises."

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Gio Ve said...

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes to You and to Your Visitors! I arrived here just surfing. I hope Your Today will be all the time better than Yesterday and worse than Tomorrow!

An Estonian living in Italy

P.S. Does 東京都 mean "Tokyo-to" (Tokyo Capital) or "Higashi Kyoto" (Eastern Kyoto)? Hehe!