Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Shinkansen Standards

It's been a long time since I rode Japan's bullet train, the Shinkansen. But some things never change.



Eating an ekiben (station lunch box) is a given. This one from Tokyo station and has a bunch of old timey foods. Just like the samurai would eat!


I've never ridden the bullet train sober. I'm not alone in this. As soon as the train's doors close, you can hear the pop! hiss! of numerous cans being cracked.


Mt. Fuji. For many people, this is the only view of the majestic mountain they will ever see. Framed by concrete and factories.


Although not as beautiful as... any other view of Fuji, it's most likely the most photographed.


On the way back, a Nagoya ekiben. Not as awesome as the Tokyo one, but good nonetheless. Kind of mirroring Nagoya in general.


In my next post I'll talk shit about Nagoya. Get ready!


Unknown said...

Hey Brian,

I enjoy your blog! Very interesting and unique perspective...

Edward from New York...

Sean Mackey said...

Oh snap that looks good, wish there was a form of ekiben in the states!