Monday, January 18, 2010

Drinking at the Kinnokura Izakaya


Next to every major train hub station, down every popular shopping street, above any Starbucks in this great land is a 金の蔵 izakaya. Kinnokura's selling point is that everything on the menu is 270 yen. Beer, cocktails, snacks... it's all cheap. By the way, Kin no kura... the gold warehouse?


Keeping with the New Year resolution to drink more, this spot is a go to. Cause it's cheap. And I'm kind of poor lately.


5 people, drinking for a couple hours and eating many delicious foods was less than $20 each. That's less than 2 drinks at many places. Solid.


You work up a mighty thirst after going to art museums all day.


Or in my new friends' cases, having a recital for their modern dance fusion performance. Traditional kabuki dance and music mixed mixed with modern western influences. Rad!




If you stay out too late and have to walk home because your last train is long gone, be sure to grab a limited edition パックまん, Pac-Man steamed bun, from the convenience store.


Granted, the food at a super cheap chain izakaya like this is not so great. Everything, though, "goes well with beer". And your choices of things like beer or Japanese sake are limited to one choice (tons of shochu and cocktails though). Anyone know of any rad izakayas in Tokyo? I can't eat ramen for every meal (though I can).


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