Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to Make Monja-yaki

Monjayaki! This is something invented in Tsukishima, Tokyo. Here's how to make it.


Order it!


Ask the waiter to make it for you!


He will fry up all the solid things in the bowl.


He will make a doughnut shape.


He will pour the liquid into the doughnut shape.


He will mix it until it looks like a giant pile of vomit. Did I mention beer? You should be drinking. Cause you eat it up just like this.


Order another one! This shop had Mexican style monjayaki. Take a hike waiter dude, we'll handle this.


So far so good.


My doughnut technique is inferior.


But it still looked the same in the end. And it still looks the same coming out the other end, if you catch my drift. I'm talking about poops!


CoolCheech said...

I never really liked this stuff. One thing I love about Japanese food is that it always seemed so light, like I can just go on eating forever. But this just filled me up really fast. And I think I had it in the same neighborhood, were you near Tsukiji Fish Market? It seemed that every store on this little block sold these.

Ramen Adventures said...

Yeah, there is a "monja street" in tsukishima with about 40 monja shops.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha This post was too funny! I Googled "monjayaki looks like vomit" because it does, and it popped up your blog. To be honest, the monjayaki idea seems great making your own food on the grill, but that liquid makes it look like a pool of fresh vomit, and I think I would gag if I even tried to put it to my lips. How do you get over the fact that what you're putting in your mouth looks like vomit?

Monjayaki hater