Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hip Hop Soda


New soda from Fanta... U.S.A. Hip Hop flavor..


The back is some weird Japanese. Do hip hop heads talk like this out here? Probably not. Hmmm, but maybe they do. The hip hop scene is so messed up in this country. It's like every group was assembled all Making the Band style, but instead of Diddy doing the scouting it's like the CEO of Mitsubishi with some yakuza backing. 飲んでみな! Let's drink on that shit, yo!


It's not enough to be fucking hella bad ass like me! (say it with some authority!)


Thank you for understanding. (say it was a soft, feminine voice)


A beverage for all of us. 8% alcohol is good enough for the toughest dude in the world. And zero sugar is good enough for the hottest chick in the world. This advertisement is hanging on trains across Tokyo.


Daniel said...

Ha, nice. Reminds me of the "rap sandwich" I saw once on the menu at the Prince Cinema in Shinagawa. That was just some soulful Engrish, though.

CoolCheech said...

I would assume Kool Aid to be more of an American "hip hop" drink.

Well, that and Olde English.