Monday, March 08, 2010

Namahage Izakaya

This is booze:


And this is a namahage:


Namahage are essentially Japanese boogie men. Parents use them to scare the shit out of their kids. "Be good or the namahage will come get you!" Dude, hella scary!


The izakaya aptly named Namahage features both booze and namahage. Here they come!


They scream at you.


If it's your birthday they will apparently spend an extra minute screaming at you.


Happy Birthday... I guess.


Namahage come from Akita prefecture, up in the north. Akita is famous for Japanese sake. Who knew!


Snacks and shit are good here.



Namahage nabe?


You can check their website here. Budget about 4000 yen a person for food and booze. This place is in the heart of Roppongi, where I got offered "Titties" 4 times on the walk from the station to the restaurant. Namahage goes on the list of things I wouldn't mind doing late in this horrid cesspool of sin. I'm gonna start a list. Besides Namahage:
More to come... I hope.


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