Friday, March 12, 2010

This Site is Super

Finally, the recognition that this site deserves!


I had no idea, but Japanzine named gaijinbash in it's top 10 blogs about Japan. Awesome! Where's my free Kazuhide T-Shirt? You know, the one that says, "Harro!" That shit is hilarious.


I'm not sure if the reviewer (judge? panel?) actually read my site though, since the recent post about "Pooey" is neither about a toy camel nor is it a regular feature. Pooey is long gone, maybe somewhere in Thailand now. Also, I found out about this through a friend of a friend, which was strange.

No one really reads this magazine, I've only seen it a few times in 4 years in Japan. But if you ever want to find one you can get them on the top floor of the massive Tower Records in Shibuya.


Way cooler, the NY Times ramen article was translated for COURRiER magazine, which is like the Japanese Newsweek. They even used some of my original photos. Kick ass!



Unknown said...


Congratulation on your sudden fame.
May god induct you into Ramen Hall of Fame!


illahee said...

hey, congratulations!!

phoe said...

i tried to get a copy of new york times for u,
but they dont keep back issues :(

anyway, u are so great as always!

Dave said...

Congrats B. Well done sir!

Ramen Adventures said...

Also, I realize that my sarcasm maybe didn't come through very well, but Japanzine is like the worst magazine in this country.