Tuesday, October 19, 2010

KTM 950 Super Moto

Crazy cosmic powers grant me use of a rad motorcycle. Read on!


I'm into a lot of what could technically be called "new age bullshit" type teachings. I may make some underhanded references to said bullshit, but I promise not to preach the stuff. Everyone hates that guy, yeah?


So, have you heard about The Secret?

Every thought we have is a powerful energy force. You can use this to your own benefit, and by focusing your mental thoughts on something, the universe will bend to your will. The Law of Attraction governs everything in life, including love and material wealth.


Sometime during the summer, I decided I would move on from the Honda CB1000 and ride something new. The choices we all over the place, but in the end a supermoto was the perfect choice. And, being Austrian made, a KTM supermoto would be superb for someone of my height. So I started thinking about it a lot.


Oh snap, dinosaur fight!


I put a KTM as my computer background, I watched videos, and I drew mental images of myself on this bike.


Then a few months ago, a friend calls. He's at one of the few KTM dealers in Japan. And they want a weekly English lesson.

Sure enough, I became the staff's teacher, coming once a week to teach travel English that they can use on their overseas motorcycle rally tours.


After a month of teaching, I mentioned that I was going riding for 4 days up in the mountains. Boss looks at me and offers one of his bikes for a test ride. A week long test ride. Say what?!


So there you go, the universe handed this one to me on a silver platter. Ok, I know I don't own it. And until a little more money is saved, the blog won't be featuring many bright orange bikes on it anytime soon. But still, I was riding this thing for a week all over the mountains of Nagano. Just like I imagined! Scientific proof that my thought waves permeated the universe and created the same outcome I dreamed.

Check out the promotion video for this bike:

Back on the CB1000, hopefully there are a couple more good rides before it gets too freezing.


red said...

Very cool! The world is what we make of it.

Great blog btw, I send a lot of your links to my Stepfather. He's from Saitama.

Mr. Gomez said...

I like the way you think. Not the new age stuff, but rather how you feel that you got loaned the bike is evidence that your thoughts made it happen. It's like you have super powers!