Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pizza and Perv III

More tidbits from my mailbox. (Part 1 and part 2) These flyers aren't sent through the mail, but hand delivered by some poor schmuck who's job it is to walk building to building wasting trees. Actually, at my previous job, we had to do this. The key to delivering a few thousand flyers is to hit up the high rises. Lucky me, I live in one of those.

First the pizza!


Let's play guess-the-pizza. Go!


Did you guess New York steak with barbecue sauce? Try a medium for about $30.


The massage ads keep getting more and more boring.


Yawn. But what's this...


"Sponsor Bank"

This one stumped me, and I enlisted the help of some of my more fluent friends. It's basically a matchmaking service for one to acquire a sugar-daddy. "You too can feel loved while making up to 10 Gs a month." I guess the overkill of information legitimizes it somewhat.


And as a bonus, an apartment ad. I get about 20 of these a week. Finally one that is (relatively) interesting!


Power Rangers?!?


A Power Rangers comic?!? Awesome! But instead of fighting evil space aliens, each ranger represents... a train line. Go go Yamanote Red! Toden Arakawa Street Car... "Jyan!"

And they never give props to where the apartment is, but give mad props to what it's near. "If you live in North Otsuka, you are a short walk from a train that is a short ride from Ikebukuro... where you can shop!"


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Thomas Hammerlund said...

I hope you don't get sick from the poo.

Nice pics.