Monday, June 02, 2014

May 2014


Craving some non-日本-food?


Devilcraft is the best pizza in Tokyo. Tell 'em I sent ya! (they don't know me)


Martini Burger is the best burger in Tokyo. Tell 'em I sent ya! (the owner is a ramen fan, so he knows me)


Best eel bones in Tokyo. Tell 'em I sent ya!


Gotta get drunk before the day begins.


Let's do this!


Kid was hogging the bread crumbs, so his little sister just picked up a pile of rocks to feed the koi.



The Sanuki Airport is neat. Those giant さぬき characters are actually walkways in a park. The little dots are people hanging out and watching the planes take off.





Rising temps means bug everywhere.


Gen Yamamoto is a classy bar. The concept is based on a cocktail tasting menu, and each drink is made with fresh Japanese fruits and vegetables. Each drink is beautiful, standing out in contrast to the 500 year old wooden counter top. But . . .

Kind of expensive, at $70 a person for the 6-course menu, and the drinks are mostly made with sake or shochu. Don't expect to leave with much of a buzz. The drinks were 6 of the best cocktails I've ever tasted.

Located in Azabu, where people have no problem starting the evening off with something like this.


Actually, this place is kind of awesome. Take a date there on her birthday or something.


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