Friday, May 30, 2014 is now


I was having trouble renewing my domain name,, though the Blogger system. I tried many times, but in the end I was just lazy and let it expire. I also thought that if I let it expire, I could just re-register it through GoDaddy, which is where I have my other domains.

Anyways . . .

The minute it expired, some company swooped on it. I guess that is something that happens a lot.

So now the .com is a .co

Here is a photo of ramen:


If anyone knows how I should try and get back, let me know. I do't want to spend much money, and I think the URL is pretty much worthless from a financial standpoint.


thegypsie said...

For a while I thought you had just decided to abandon ship on this blog and I was sad. Glad to see it back again. I will be re-adding it to my blogroll.

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks. They said they would sell it back for $200 and then raised it to $500. Jerks.