Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rational Geographic . . . Photos from Kenya


Do fly into the middle of nowhere in Kenya and see animals.
Don't get out of the car and get eaten by said animals.

I don't think much text is needed for these photos. Doing a safari tour in Kenya is as legit as you expect it to be.


河馬 かば


麒麟 きりん


黒首コブラ くるくびこぶら


ライオン らいおん


狐 きつね


鵟 のすり



Maasai dudes doing their jump dance.




鸛 こうのとり







牛羚羊 うしかもしか


狩猟豹 しゅりょうひょう



象 ぞう





There are Jesus people everywhere. Seriously, I've never seen this many families with 15 kids, or teenagers all rocking Hot Topic Jesus T-shirts in my life. With the current travel advisory against this country, maybe only those who look to a higher power for their travel advice feel comfortable coming.


Put Kenya on your list.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the new desktop backgrounds, these are awesome! Also, what's the Japanese text? (though you're right, these pictures need no words)

Ramen Adventures said...

Just the names of the animals

thegypsie said...

Wow thought your site was down. I've missed a lot! Kenya looks amazing!