Sunday, May 24, 2015


Well, that was a lame adventure into the world of internet domain name jerks who want money.

Basically, a year ago, I let my domain name expire. It was an accident. Immediately, like minutes after it expired, someone swooped on it. I guess WWW.JAPANBASH.COM is ranked as a level 3 domain name (whatever that means), and someone put a value on it. I mailed the new owners, but they wanted $500, which is about $490 more than I would pay.

A year later, and they didn't renew it. So it went to auction, I was the only bidder, and got it back. It cost me $25 through, and there were no other bidders.

Random thing, some domain name middleman company sent me an email a few weeks ago and wanted to broker a deal with me to get the .com name back. I ignored their message.

The lesson? The internet is full of jerks trying to make a buck.

I'm happy to have my original site back. I've kept this blog up for over 9 years now, since my first week in Japan. The older posts look like something off of a Facebook status update, while the newer ones are just photos without much explanation. Regardless of the quality of Japan Bash, though, this is my record of life as an expat in Japan. I think it serves some sort of purpose.

Now enjoy some photos from MENSHO TOKYO. These are the bowls he will serve at the new San Francisco shop, opening sometime this summer.






Unknown said...

welcome back!

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks. My pageview count on Japan Bash is very low, so I figure anyone who cares has it in their RSS feed. will expire in a week. I wonder if it will go to auction.

Kurt Mifsud Bonnici said...

Welcome back dude. I follow all your blogs regularly so please keep posting :)

thegypsie said...

I am glad to see your posts. I blog for the same reason... a record of crap. Mostly for myself but I do have a few followers. It's nice to interact with people abroad I think.

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks! I have no idea how many followers I have, but I think they all commented on this post.