Thursday, September 21, 2006

All night in Shinjuku... again

This past weekend was good... and bad. The bad I already covered. Doing a faceplant off a speeding bike kinda sucks. Anyways... the good.

I did some street chilling with Eric Saturday night. Checked out some shibuya bars and clubs, nothing much happening. Sunday we went to the Open Air Edo Tokyo Museum. This place was tight. It was out in the countryside a ways. A full village made from actual old buildings. If you are a fan of the anime "Spirited Away", this place was the inspiration for the village in the movie. Oh yeah... and free rickshaw rides!

Lots of nice old buildings with some good history. After a few hours there it started raining and we headed back. To Shinjuku.

So I didn't really want another all-nighter in Shinjuku. But Eric, Andy, and I met up with Mags. Actually, we spent about 2 hours trying to find each other. Meet in "Lumine", a shopping store. Turns out there are 3 of these 10 story massive department stores. We hit up an Izakaya, and 1 hour turned into 3 or 4. And 2 beers turned into 7 or 8. And 7pm turned into "looks like we missed last train". So we hit the streets.

The entrance to Shinjuku is packed with hustlers trying to get you into their karaoke bars. I think if you are Japanese, they try to get you into the brothels, but gaijin carry diseases, so we don't get the invite. Oh well. We hit up the arcade for some print club

You snap some photos then customize them with cute graphics. It's cheap and kinda fun when you have a few beers.

Mags was in charge of photo distribution.

Afterwords, we wandered and checked things out. We almost went into a bar, but a couple of us got a bad feeling. Ooo, found this gem:

Not sure what was in there though.

Anyways, we wandered, drank, took care of a passed out Andy. Good times. Then I rode back to Eric's... and we know how THAT ended!

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