Monday, September 18, 2006

Brian's Face - 0... Tokyo Sidewalk - 1

I'll post about my fun adventures from the last couple weekends soon. But first...

So we were out all night, doing random all night things in Shinjuku. Eating cake, batting cages, print club, the gay district... you know, normal stuff. So first train comes and Andy and Mags take off. I was gonna crash at Eric's place, a short bike ride away. I was borrowing his bike.

So we are riding up a gradual hill and the chain just snaps off. If you can imagine pedalling uphill with all you got, putting all your wieght on one pedal at a time, and then the chain coming off... so yeah, I bit it. I flew forward, braced my fall with my forearms, and smashed my chin on the sidewalk.

I was right near a Koban, and they rushed over to help. I wasn't in much pain, nothing broken, but the chin when cut open... that motherfucker bleeds! I might need stitches. Not sure, I might go have it checked out tomorrow. Hooray!

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