Monday, September 11, 2006


This weekend was the start of the 15 day sumo tournament in tokyo. There are 6 tournaments a year in different place. We got our tickets and headed down.

Here's the deal though. You show up early, and the place is almost empty. Matches start at 8:30am, but it's all low ranked guys that no one seems to really care much about. So you show up and plop yourself right in the front row. Ring side seats baby!!!

Watching 2 guys stare each other down before the match from ring side is a surreal experience. There are no wieght classes in sumo, so you will get a 200lb guy against a 400lb guy. I'd love to say the underdog came out on top... but I saw some smashed up skinny guys!

If you ever make it there... don't miss out on the Chank Nabe! It's "sumo wrestler stew". Basically super protien grub with chicken, vegies, tofu, and a few mystery looking things floating in the broth. Hey, don't ask, it was delicious with capital D.

I also went to Asakusa (big shrine) and Akihabara this weekend. Akihabara is that place with all the 10 story manga and video game shops. It was shiny.

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