Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Random Wandering Leads to Randomness

4 Day Weekend!!!!

So Friday we were gonna meet with the usual gang at Meiji shrine for some festival with horseback archers and some other tight shit. The usual gang being BMS (Branda Margaret Suwen), Andy, Eric, and myself. We had a couple out of towners in the midst, that being Corrie and Aaron. I made Mandy come along. She brought along a couple more, CiCi and George. I also introduced Michelle to the Tokyo crew, since she lives close and it cool to boot! Hmmm... seems we may be rolling too deep. We all got to Meiji and turns out there was nothing really going on. Dammit, Andy promised horses! After that it was hard to decide on what to do, where to eat, etc. We checked out Yoyogi park, got some crepes on Harajuku street, and hit up Tower in Shibuya. I cut out early cause I was going hiking the next day. Word is they hit up Vanilla. Enjoy some pics:

Recognize the greatest character of them all... Rilakuma... aka Relax Bear!

This pic cracks me up. We were expecting archers riding on horseback, doing crazy feats of awesomeness. Instead we got random guys dancing to a flute. Look a little closer:

Mandy looks the most attentive of them all. Maybe she's a fan.

Michelle... earth to Michelle...

Suwen isn't even watching.

Corrie seems confused.

Andy looks like he's trying to hide. You promised me HORSES!

Aaron's first time in Tokyo. Welcome.

Hiking the next day was fun. Mt. Takao is very close to Tokyo. It was a little hazy, so the killer views were not to be had (Skyscrapers of Tokyo and Yokohama, Mt. Fuji, and the ocean) but it was nice none the less. The main path up is paved and crowded, take the side route. Although still kinda crowded, you walk on actual dirt and see lots of trees and water. Nature!

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