Monday, May 05, 2008

Boso Hanto


Boso Hanto is a peninsula in Chiba prefecture. It's famous for boiled peanuts and 99 rin (a rin is about 600m) beach. I'd been to Boso Hanto before. This time I found that if you are a surfer, 99 rin beach is where it's at!

房総半島は 千葉の 半島 です。沸騰の ナッツ と 99厘浜が 有名 です。 去年 行きました。  99厘浜の サフィングは すごく すごい だいよ!

Boso hanto wa chiba no hanto desu. Futto no nattsu to 99 rin hama ga yumei desu. Kyonen ikimashita. 99 rin hama no safingu wa sugoku sugoi daiyo!

My motorcycle atlas has a picture of camels walking on a sand dune in the sunset on the east side of the peninsula. I was so god damned excited when I was nearing this spot. Last year, I almost devoted a whole day motorcycle trip to go see the camels.

Sure enough. It's just a statue. Even the "dune" is just concrete.

I honestly thought I was gonna get to ride a camel. Unrealistic, fanciful dreams are good to have though.

Lastly, some animals.

Boso hanto lives in the shadow of the nearby Izu hanto. Izu is one of those resort-y spots in Japan, with lots of hot springs and Japanese inns, views of Mt. Fuji, and unique flora and fauna. Boso is very... Chiba. Like I said, it's famous for boiled peanuts. Izu is famous for unique seafood and yuzu tea, which is like drinking liquid magic. Izu's coastline has views of Mt. Fuji and some small islands south of Tokyo. Boso has a view of the pollution from Tokyo and Yokohama. Izu has hundreds of traditional Japanese inns, with private onsens overlooking the ocean. Boso has Santa Claus themed love hotels.

Wait a minute! I take back everything negative I said about Boso!


スサナ said...

I like your photos^_^

Harvey said...

Love your pics too! What kinda camera are you rockin man?

Ramen Adventures said...

Thanks! I bought a Nikon D40 SLR back in December. Recently I also started using a 55-200 VR lens, which makes me very happy. My computer is too slow to use Photoshop, so post processing is just done in Picasa, the Google photo organizer.