Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Walk Across Ranbow Bridge

Somewhere up near the top of 1001 Things To Do Before You Die is to walk across the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. (not really) Rainbow Bridge connects Tokyo to the man-made Odaiba. Why do I like Odaiba? They have some really good science museums, and a place where you and a date can pay $15 to pet cats.


How much does it cost? Being Tokyo, you could expect to pay maybe 5 bucks for the privilege of walking across a bridge.

It's gonna be a good day. Get ready for the most interesting set of photos to date. Are you ready? You might want to sit down for the sheer awesomeness to come. It's as if they took fresh squeezed awesome juice, spiked it with 鍛高譚, which is the most awesome of all shochu liquors, and put it in a big champagne bottle. Then you somehow get a job as a host at an exclusive Kabukicho host club, and for some reason Aoi Miyazaki just ordered a champagne call from you.

Sorry, it's only noon and I've already been to work at the Junior High already. It's been a long day.

Follow this dapper gent on his magical journey to meet his Japanese friends. **Correction** Your Japanese friends.

Not sure who this kid is. His shirt says 金, money. If I had money, I'd totally pay a raccoon and bear to kick it with me. Kick it old school.

かちかち山 - Kachi kachi mountain? And is the one on the left's wood smoking? The horses look like some of the ancient cave paintings from the Joman period.

There's gotta be an explanation.

A monkey tempting a crab with a rice ball. Symbolism? I'm open to suggestions.

That's it for the story. There was a total of 2 other people walking on the bridge. Both of them were construction workers fixing the bridge. Why aren't there more people? Seems like good family fun, walk across the bridge and learn about guys riding turtles. Why I ask?

Cause it was scary as fuck here. It's a double level bridge. The bottom level, where you can walk, is local traffic and a train. Big heavy trucks. The top level is part of the Tokyo expressway. Big heavy trucks. So the whole thing is shaking the whole time you are walking across. Godzilla could be up there battling King Kong...maybe they were.

But it gets you to Odaiba. So eat up and watch the sunset.

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