Friday, May 02, 2008

Grafitti in Tokyo

There is a lot of graffiti in Tokyo. Most of it is ugly tagging, but sometimes there are some interesting pieces. One time, when I was on a bus, I saw about 30 huge pieces on the side of the waterfront. I want to go there and take photos. But I forgot where it was.

たくさん 東京の グラフィチが あります。 大部分の 東京の グラフィチが 醜い (tagging = often inartistic writing) です、 でも 時々 面白い 作品 ですね。 一回 バスで 川の となりで 三十ごろ 大きい グラフィチの 作品 見ました。 行きたい! でも。。。場所を 忘れました。

These were somewhere in between Okubo and Shinjuku station.

Did you think I'd stopped eating ramen? I exhausted the central Tokyo locales off my list. I've been back to a few, but have yet to add new ones. I'll remedy that soon! Stay tuned!

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