Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Brownie Guy

Walking around the back streets of Kichijoji, found this guy with his bicycle やたい stand selling brownies.

He warned that they were a little sweet. Every time I've eaten a brownie in Japan it has been served with this warning.

I ate it later that night with a glass of cold milk.

Street food is always good. In America, there is almost no such thing, because of health regulations. Japan has more relaxed laws, so people can set up stands and sell food on the streets. China, which seems to have no laws about this, sells all sorts of crazy stuff out in the open. I hear similar reports about most south east Asian countries. Health concerns be damned, there is a mathematical formula where the lower the health regulations, the higher the sheer deliciousness of the cheap food.

Ever had some amazing street food?


Harvey said...

I miss street food...

Anonymous said...

Indonesian street food is awesome.