Thursday, November 06, 2008


I asked a private student of mine why she supports Obama. She said, "Because he is popular."

It is an interesting response, but totally expected. As I finished 5th period of Junior High, I heard my phone buzzing non-stop. There were about 15 text messages from various friends in Japan informing me of the victory. I let the staff know, and they were all happy. But things were summed up by one teacher's response, "I'm very happy, but I don't know anything about him."


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Harvey said...


Actually, economically speaking, Obama won't be good for East Asian manufacturers because liberals (i.e., democrats) are generally more protective of American markets. These days, especially when it comes to cars.

However I'm sure international relations will be easier for Japan when America is less-hated around the world, due to their tight security alliance with us.