Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hong Kong is Hella Crunk

You heard me... CRUNK!

Many people think of China and they think of pollution, cramped living in run down buildings, and dilapidated old harbors. Even though Hong Kong is separate from mainland China, this holds fairly true. Look down at your feet and you see cockroaches running between trash piles. Look up, though, and the skyscrapers reek of money.

This is common enough around the world, a huge gap in the dichotomy of rich and poor. But the air here.. the feeling was that money is so much more important than other things. Sure, the average guy wakes up and does Tai Chi in the park each morning, but as soon as he's finished, it's time to get that cash.

So what will you do when you acquire your wealth? Go crunk! Let 'em know you're flossin'. Fuck saving for the future, you gotta put that Rolex on your wrist. Yeah, you can buy a fake one that looks real just a block away, but that ain't crunk! Riding the taxi, or worse yet... the bus? No way, better be in that new SL. They might as well just stop selling all other makers, cause Mercedes is the only acceptable ride to let people know you are sitting on some fat bank. And whatcha drinkin'? Get that local wine out of my face, we're sippin on Cognac. XO fool! No, I don't know how it's different that VSOP, but it costs more, so hook it up. Oh shit, my taste is hella refined. Bling bling! (actually, very little bling... seems like diamonds aren't popular here)

Every billboard in town was for either luxury cars, watches, or expensive liquor. Every block has some store selling watches and another selling that expensive booze. Every street was crowded with people showing off their wealth, or people jealous of others.

Yeah, so I went to Hong Kong last weekend. I'll write a proper report soon. Complete with stories of tailor pimps, fucked up Japanese style tours, the prostitute scene outside my hotel window, and fake Ed Hardy T-shirts.

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