Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apartment Videos

Didn't go up Mt. Fuji. Bus schedules are whack, the weather was shitty, there is still snow on the mountain, so we called it off. Maybe in a couple weeks.

Since the weather was kinda shit, didn't get into much this weekend. Just some general hanging around type of stuff. I spent an above normal amount of time in Yoyogi park on Monday. It's gorgeous. 5 minutes away is Harajuku, packed with people, and then this park is just empty. These pictures are from the "nature" side. On the other side is a place where everyone just chills. Lots of skateboarders and musicians.

Just past the acres of green, there is Meiji Shrine, which can get crowded on weekends, but it's always a nice place to walk by. There is usually a Bonsai or flower or rock display.

So I made this video a year ago of my apartment. Here's where I've been living for a year.

For contrast, here's Andy's apartment in Yokohama.

MC Hammer o suke desu ka?
Hai! Hammer wa sugoi daiyo!
Oakland wa represent desu ka?

Next: Cucumber flavored Pepsi?

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