Thursday, June 07, 2007

Congratulations Dave and Rie

We all knew it would happen... just not this soon! I met Dave at our company's initial training in Okayama almost a year ago. Dave told me about Rie the day I got my cell phone in Japan, so about 1 week after we had arrived at the schools we would be teaching at.

It would be funny if neither of them spoke each other's language, relying on hand gestures and crappy phrase books to communicate. With some underlying plot to gain dual citizenship and fuck the country out of some sort of welfare or something. Or some sort of thing like he insulted a Yakuza boss up in his town and has to help save face by marrying his wild daughter. But alas, it's a pretty vanilla relationship as far as I can tell.

Anyways, congrats Dave and Rie. He proposed at a 50m high waterfall in Okinawa. Good stuff.

Next time: I might not climb Fuji. People die this time of year. I read that it's covered with ice and the wind literally blows people to their death. Hmmm... blown to death...

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