Monday, June 04, 2007

Organic Foods Fair

About 25 minutes away from my place, right where the mess of Saitama's congested streets end and the mountains begin, I had passed an organic cafe a few times. Figured I'd check it out.

Yeah, those are balloons. Turns out they were randomly having a an organic foods fair. With free samples, cooking lessons, and some DJ spinning a lot of Enya.

I talked with the owner for a few minutes... since he was white. They do importing and exporting of organic products. A few years back they opened the cafe and restaurant. Here's there website ---

The free samples were popular. Japanese people have some weird etiquette around a picnic table covered with food. Like pushing me out of the way and shit. Make a god damn line people!

Vegetarian Takoyaki.

Tasty stuff here, but I had some crazy gas the next day. On another note, I fart in front of my students all the time, it's great. On another note, there was no love for the Free Hugs people in Harajuku. Like 10 minutes and no one hugged them.

I like how they put the chick first. So when some poor Japanese person, who is conditioned from childhood to think that public displays of affection are inappropriate, musters the courage to hug her, then the scummy guys swoop in. Fucking jerks.

On to Ebisu.

Ebisu is nice relax-type area. There are a few really quality museums that no one goes to, lots of good cafes, back alley restaurants, that sort of thing. I think the whole southwest side of Tokyo past Shibuya is trying to be European or something. They try, but of course they fail. Still too much weird Japanese shit out there, like a massive building that looks like a Vegas casino, but it's actually a driving school where you pay about $3000 for the course.

Next time: I hate expressways, I love expressways, and I go to an oxygen bar...

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