Friday, June 22, 2007

This and That in Tokyo

My time in Tokyo may be coming to an end soon. In about 2 weeks I will leave Kawagoe and take a 3 week trip around the country. After that I will report to the head office in Okayama, where I spent a week when I first came to Japan, a year ago. I have a week of Emergency Teacher training, followed by Obon week. I have no clue what I'll do during the Obon vacation, probably hang around Osaka and Kyoto if I'm out that way. I will be bike-less at that time. I've decided to sell the CB400 after I take my 3 week tour. After that I'll be placed somewhere in Japan. Not sure yet.

So anyways, I managed to check out a few remaining places that I had wanted to see. The Tokyo National Museum, Koenji, Kichioji, and Ebisu was the tour Suwen and I took. We even managed to get some bomb ramen in, and we went to a live house to see a friend of a friend's band play.

**Side Note**
It's 2am, and there are bears having sex on the TV. And romantic music. When they were catching salmon a minute ago there was normal music. Just thought you'd like to know that.
**End Side Note**

Last day to see the Annunciation at the National Museum in Tokyo. This was a temporary exhibit of one of Da Vinci's famous pieces. Just one piece, and about a mile of explanations in Japanese. It was hella crowded, we waited in line 45 minutes to see the piece. I had already seen it at the Ufizi in Florence a few years ago...

Other than that, the rest of the place was OK. Pretty much every guidebook says this is the one museum to see if you see any in Japan. It had a good representation of traditional art throughout Japanese history. So that was cool. Lots of swords and armor too. So I guess the guidebooks are right for people who aren't really into going to museums every weekend.

**Side Note**
The new show on TV now is testing the tensile strength of different deserts... then it tested the tensile strength of a baby's hand. Mochi came in at 25, while the baby's hand was 20. This got a big Sugoi from the host. Erm...
**End Side Note**

Koenji the shit. It's all laid back looking people. Some good cafes, tons of used clothing, and... a poo dispensing gotcha gotcha machine. Rock on Koenji.

Mmmm... fruit and dairy fat. That's clotted cream on those scones. Booyah!

No bomb-om-rice for us today! That shit is closed on Sundays!

Next: Mt. Fuji?

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