Friday, June 22, 2007


I had my best motorcycle date to date. Suwen really seemed to enjoy riding. Other passengers have been freaked out by speed, or it seemed like they were going to fall asleep. Japanese people can fall asleep almost instantly on a moving train, so I'm sure the back of a motorcycle is no challenge. Suwen would actually talk to me and comment about the scenery. Yay!

We took a few hour ride up into the Chichibu mountain range in the west of Saitama prefecture. As soon as you hit the end of the congestion and pollution, there is the great little organic cafe that we had to stop at. Last time I was here it was packed because of some festival. Today it was just chill. Sit on wooden lounge chairs on a deck over the Koma River and just relax. And the food is top notch.

Vegan donburi. Different veges over rice.

This soy milk was damn good!

Nice little road up in the mountains. Most roads in the local mountains are nice. Nothing super awesome or anything, just nice. If you want details, we took the 299 up to the top, then cut right onto the small mountain roads. Somehow ended up at 299 a bit later and went home.

Suwen thought maybe she could fly after some open throttle on the straight aways.

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